The Easiest and Quickest Way to Find Houses and Apartments For Rent In Rajaji Nagar

Traditionally, the only way to find a house for rent in Bangalore is by agents (we also call them brokers).  Bangaloreans are not familiar with "To let" boards and both the house owners and tenants rely on these agents.  In spite of increase in Internet usage and online advertisements, Bangaloreans largely depend on the traditional ways as most of these foot soldiers of the "real estate business" lack any Internet education.

We (The Rajaji Nagar Estate) have a group of these agents who are in constant touch with the house owners.  So the easiest and quickest way you can find a house or apartment for rent in Rajajinagar is filling up the form given here.  We will contact you within 24 hours with a list of houses ready for rent.

Average rates of rents in Rajajinagar:

Though the house rents in Rajajinagar largely depend on the total area, the average prices are as follows:

A.  1BHK  Rs 5000 to 7000
B.  2BHK  Rs 10000 to 15000
C.  3BHK  Rs 17000 to 25000

Flats/Apartments are usually expensive than individual houses.